Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shoes of Prey

Ever seen a pair of shoes and loved them, but there is something missing or something on them that you could live without? Well now you can be the designer of your own shoes, whether it be flats, gladiators or heels. How you may ask? Shoes of Prey!

They ship all over the world, at a 4-6 weeks time frame. Well, considering that these customized shoes will be hand-made, I don’t see why we should be demanding the work to be at a shorter time frame. There are so many options and different ways to design your shoes. They are different colors you can choose from and different type of material you can have your shoes made of. There's other a gallery where you can look and get inspiration. One downside is that the shoes are expensive, since they are custom made and handmade. Will you try this out or is it not worth the money?


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