Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Finding the Perfect Jeans

What's better than putting on a pair of jeans that makes you look and feel good? This guide is to help you feel and look hot, no matter what body type you are.

Try jeans with a short inseam. Jeans that bunch at the ankles have a messy look and actually make you look shorter! I shorter length will show off your legs and make them seem longer. When looking at jeans, also see if there is shading down the center of the thighs or contrast stitching on the waistband. The shading makes your legs seem more toned, and the stitching defines your waist to show off a tiny frame!

Try jeans with a long inseam. Jeans in an extra-long length will make your legs look really long. When looking at jeans, try on some with the higher waistband on your hips so your legs look super long! Also check out some distressed wash jeans, they draw eyes to your legs. Don't be embarrassed of your height, embrace it!

Flat Butt
Try some jeans with a faded back. The amp up your backside with fading under the butt! A light-denim wash fills out your booty even more! Jeans with flap pockets will lift your butt to make it look high and tight. Darts on the butt pockets make your butt look rounder. Folded pockets add texture to fill you out in a cute way :)

Curvy Butt
Dark wash jeans are a must. Dark wash stretch jeans give you a sleek look. Plus, they hug and boost your butt so it looks great! Jeans with studs along your hips frame and sculpt your butt. Jeans with a higher back don't show your butt when you sit. Grey jeans are also a cool and slimming alternative to dark blue jeans.

Curvy All Over
Try straight leg jeans. Go for a fit that doesn't dig or cling; that way, you can show off your curves without over exaggerating them! Shaping straight leg jeans 'suck in' your tummy with a special panel, so all eyes are on your legs! Stretchy straight leg jeans will hug your curves without bunching.


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