Monday, October 17, 2011

Grow Long, Healthy Hair

Growing out your can be a long process! Here are my top ten tricks to making that process go by a little faster.

1. Make sure you drink lots and lots of water. It's healthy for you, your body, and your hair.
2. Get small trims every once in a while to prevent split ends that can travel up your hair.
3. Don't use a lot of heat that will damage hair.

4. Massage your roots with olive oil. Olive oil makes hair healthy and long.
5. Eat healthy! Foods vitamins and minerals help hair growth.

6. Don't do really tight hairstyles that will pull and tug on your hair causing breakage.
7. Wear it natural. Give it a break!

9. Use a good quality brush, like a wide tooth comb that doesn't break your hair.
10. RELAX! Stress can cause excess hair loss.


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