Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make Your Hair Look Longer

 For most of us, hair grows pretty slow and at a certain point it just doesn’t grow any longer. Here are my tips for faking long hair!
  1. Wear your hair straight: Rather than curled or wavy. Even if you have straight hair you should try this, you'll be surprised how much longer your hair looks.
  2. Don't get layers: If you have layers, you might have trouble making your hair look longer. A lot of people think that if the bottom layer of their hair is still long, they can get layers. Typically, you get layers around your face and not as many in the back of your hair. This will make the back of your hair look long, but the front will appear way shorter when you look at the front layered section in a mirror. Basically, just be careful if you’re considering layers and want to grow your hair our really long
  3. Parting your hair: Take all of the hair behind the back of your head and let it fall to the back. Then take the front pieces on either side of your head that are in the front and pull them over your shoulders so the hair lays down the front of your shoulders. I know it sounds simple, but it really does the trick. If you put all of your hair behind your shoulders, the front pieces will look shorter. And if you pull all of your hair to the front, the hair from the back will look shorter.

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