Friday, September 30, 2011

My Life: September, you're my least favorite.

My name is Audrina && this is my life.

So basically these posts are going to be all about my life and whats going on with me. (For those of you who care to know) These will not be planned out I will just be posting them randomly. Although, if you have any topics you would like me to talk about feel free to comment below. The monthly posts (like this one) will be posted only at the end of every month, reflecting on my month. Other posts will be random through the month.

Senior Year: I guess I can start off by telling you about how my senior year is going. If you read my About Audrina post you probably know that I'm a senior in high school. So far nothing special has happened. I've just been filling out a TON of college applications. That is a major tip right there- apply to many colleges. Most of the ones I'm applying to are in state, but I do have a few out of state.

Winter Formal: Winter Formal is coming up in a few weeks. It is on November 26th which is like eight weeks from now, but I don't care. I'm just like so excited! It's my last winter formal which is sad. I already got my dress its from Betsey Johnson! I love it! I still need to get shoes though. I might go shopping next weekend and get some.

Excitement for This Blog: I'm really happy I started this blog. I've been wanting to make one for a while, but just was to lazy. However, this year I was like I have to make one. I don't even care if people read it or not. Well actually I do want people to read it. But, I'm doing it because I think it's fun.


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